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Welcome. 2016 has already been the most exciting year yet as, thanks to over 20 years of UKIP campaigning, the British people have sent a clear message to both Westminster and Brussels, to leave the European Union.

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A27 Chichester road improvements

Get involved and vote your preference for the A27 Road improvement options here. Find out the latest information on the options here. And don't forget to check out the excellent pressure group Chichester Deserves Better.

We did it!

Since the announcement of the EU Referendum in February there has been a steady momentum of activism in support of Brexit in the Chichester constituency. It has seen people of every demographic unite to fight the biggest political fight of our lifetimes. Supporters of every political party, and none, have joined forces under the Vote Leave & Grassroots Out banners to take on the establishment, big banks, mainstream media and their agenda to keep us within the EU. We have walked the streets of the consituency from the Witterings to Fernhurst delivering leaflets, engaging the public on street-stalls and spreading the message. We have also been met with generosity and support from the great public of Chichester and the surrounding areas.

Against all the odds we have made history and, in the end, everyone has won - even the remainers - they just don't know it yet.

On behalf of Chichester UKIP and all the activists for the Chichester consituency I wish to thank all those involved for their dedication and hard efforts.

Best Wishes

The Chichester UKIP team

June 24th 2016

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday November 5th - Coffee Morning at The Royal Oak, Midhurst ... Read more

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The aims of UKIP

  • Control our Borders
    UKIP wants a FAIRER Australian-style points-based system to decide who comes to work and settle here

  • Invest in the NHS
    UKIP will pour £3 billion a year EXTRA into the NHS to keep it as a free public service, funded by scrapping our £55 million a day EU membership fee

  • Fairer tax system
    UKIP will SCRAP income tax on the minimum wage, SCRAP the bedroom tax, and SCRAP the tax on your children when you die

  • Spend here, not abroad
    By stopping our EU membership fee and clawing back the £30 million a day spent on foreign aid, UKIP is the ONLY PARTY with money to spend at home

  • Download the UKIP Local Manifesto 2016

For a summary of our national manifesto, and a link to the full document click here


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