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Welcome to the Branch website

We support the overall aims of UKIP and strive to ensure that where possible they are applied in our local community.

How we can change the future together:

  • Control our Borders
    UKIP wants a FAIRER Australian-style points-based system to decide who comes to work and settle here

  • Invest in the NHS
    UKIP will pour £3 billion a year EXTRA into the NHS to keep it as a free public service, funded by scrapping our £55 million a day EU membership fee

  • Fairer tax system
    UKIP will SCRAP income tax on the minimum wage, SCRAP the bedroom tax, and SCRAP the tax on your children when you die

  • Spend here, not abroad
    By stopping our EU membership fee and clawing back the £30 million a day spent on foreign aid, UKIP is the ONLY PARTY with money to spend at home

For a summary of our national manifesto, and a link to the full document click here





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