May on the brink

Source: It looks like time might well be running out for our gutless Remainer prime minister, with reports that yet more Tory MPs are preparing to submit their letters of no confidence to 1922 Committee chairman Graham Brady, bringing the total closer to the 48 threshold that would initiate a potential leadership contest. ITV’s […]

The Process Required to Remove a Party Leader

A message from Gerald Gravett, UKIP S E E Regional Controller I have been asked several times about the process required to remove a party leader and what, if any, action the NEC or the Party is taking in this respect and I will therefore describe the procedure as I understand it.  There is no constitutional way […]

Update from Interim Chairman Paul Oakden

Government Farce Threatens Brexit Politics seems to have taken a turn for the absurd this week, as the Conservative party, elected by millions to ensure the Brexit result we all campaigned for, staggers from self-inflicted crisis to self-inflicted crisis. On Tuesday we had the unedifying sight of Boris Johnson having to apologise for ill-advised and slapdash […]

A Strategy for a Successful Brexit

We must not approach the EU as a supplicant which would allow them to fob us off.  We should rather state how we wish to proceed and see what the reaction is.  We should divide the issues into three categories : those under our own control ; those they control ; and those which we […]

Remembering Nigel Sitwell

It is with great sadness that we note the passing last month of one of our longer-term members of UKIP Chichester, Nigel Sitwell.  He was one of our staunchest supporters and for many years a member of the Chichester Committee. His life was dedicated to his work in conservation and in particular his work for the Galapagos islands, […]

‘Remain’ Activist Attacks UKIP Event Attendee

Source: Breitbart An alleged ‘Remain’ activist attacked a woman attending a UKIP event on Saturday in Hartlepool, leaving her bloodied and injured on the floor. Photographs show the alleged Remain activist arguing with a UKIP party member moments before the altercation between the two women broke out. It is not known who initiated the fight, […]

A27 Schemes rejected

Highways England has finally published the results of its contentious consultation for improvements to the A27 around Chichester – and they reveal a resounding rejection by the public of all five options. Since Christmas there has been growing anger amongst civil, community and business leaders that Highways England had refused to share the public feedback […]