Self-proclaimed ‘anti-fascists’ have attacked a group of UK Independence Party (UKIP) campaigners ahead of the Stoke by-election, Breitbart London can exclusively report.

In the video, taken shortly after two UKIP leafleters were rushed by what were described as a group of “Hope Not Haters”, the men apparently responsible for the attack admit to pulling rosettes off the young volunteers and throwing them in a bin.

As the UKIP supporters approach the group to demand an explanation for the behaviour, the left-wing activists can be heard repeatedly shouting “scum”, before the leader of the UKIP campaign team interrupts to ask : “Excuse me, can I ask why you ripped a rosette off this man? Why’d you do that? Why are you attacking us?”.

A number of voices reply, with one offering the explanation that “we’re anti-Fascists”, another remarking “ignore them, the fascist scum… [the rosette is] in a bin just round the corner if you want it back…”.

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  1. danielb

    This is no surprise as we are increasingly seeing (on both sides of the Atlantic) that the left / antifa / hope-not-hate / liberals (whatever you want to call them) are resorting to violence as a sign that they are ideologically exhausted.

    In fact I am not aware that they have any ideology to speak of as this mindset is mainly driven by emotion and not intellect. The left originally campaigned for free speech in the 60s and 70s, but now wants to shut it down completely. The left campaigned for tolerance of everybody in an inclusive society, but selectively change this rule for anybody they do not agree with. This includes UKIP now.

    Yes, because a party that has proudly led Britain out of the redundant, undemocratic, over-priced administration that is the EU, we are now somehow confused with fascism. I think these spotty oinks need a lesson in history.

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