Chichester national and local elections results for UKIP

NATIONAL ELECTIONS Andrew Moncrieff beats Labour to come second in general election with 8,540 votes (14.9% of vote) LOCAL DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS East Wittering – Pat Hunt came 2nd with 682 votes (26%) Fernhurst – Andrew Moncrieff 486 votes (16%) Petworth – Paul Ingram came 3rd beating Labour with 569 votes (21%) Rogate – Elena […]

AGM of the Chichester Branch 2015

The AGM took place at 7.00p.m. Wednesday 4th March 2015 at the Assembly Rooms in Chichester. The following officers were elected or re-elected: Andrew Moncrieff – Chairman Michael Mason – Treasurer Catherine Lea – Secretary (resigned as of 6 April 2015) Patricia Hunt – Membership Secretary Bob Wiggins – Website content manager Other Committee Members re-elected […]