‘Remain’ Activist Attacks UKIP Event Attendee

Source: Breitbart An alleged ‘Remain’ activist attacked a woman attending a UKIP event on Saturday in Hartlepool, leaving her bloodied and injured on the floor. Photographs show the alleged Remain activist arguing with a UKIP party member moments before the altercation between the two women broke out. It is not known who initiated the fight, […]

2017 and the dawn of the New Right

The following article discusses the right of anti-establishment parties in Europe and some parallels with Brexit and Trump. UKIP itself is a centerist party and does not necessarily share all policy visions with the respective parties discussed below. 2016 saw two seismic events in Western politics. In June Britons decided to leave the EU and later on […]

‘Anti-Racists’ Admit Attacking UKIP Activists During Stoke By-Election Campaigning

Source: breitbart.com Self-proclaimed ‘anti-fascists’ have attacked a group of UK Independence Party (UKIP) campaigners ahead of the Stoke by-election, Breitbart London can exclusively report. In the video, taken shortly after two UKIP leafleters were rushed by what were described as a group of “Hope Not Haters”, the men apparently responsible for the attack admit to […]

Chichester national and local elections results for UKIP

NATIONAL ELECTIONS Andrew Moncrieff beats Labour to come second in general election with 8,540 votes (14.9% of vote) LOCAL DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS East Wittering – Pat Hunt came 2nd with 682 votes (26%) Fernhurst – Andrew Moncrieff 486 votes (16%) Petworth – Paul Ingram came 3rd beating Labour with 569 votes (21%) Rogate – Elena […]