UKIP’s Home Affairs Spokeswoman, Jane Collins MEP, has welcomed German moves to clamp down on migrants who lie about their identity or who are violent, saying, “tighter security in Germany can only be a good thing for the rest of Europe and the UK.”

Miss Collins comments come after Germany’s interior and justice ministers worked together in the wake of the Berlin terror attack to strengthen security rules on those migrants who could harm Germans or who have “been deceptive about their identities.”

Speaking from Brussels, Ms Collins said, “Only in the wake of yet another terror attack have some members of Angela Merkel’s coalition government woken up to the threat posed by a minority of the migrants who rushed to Germany after the Chancellor threw the doors wide open.”

“But while I welcome German efforts to tighten rules on migrants already in the country, these moves are next to useless in combating further attacks while the Schengen Agreement remains in place.

“Any policy which allows undocumented people to travel coast to coast in Europe unchecked poses a direct risk to the UK’s security and must be revoked.

Until Schengen is revoked, anyone arriving on the southern coast of Europe can travel to within sight of the UK before facing any form of security check.

“This is simply ridiculous and the EU must act to revoke this ridiculous policy, especially in the current security climate.”

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