Chichester activism

The Grassroots Out team will be out in Chichester every Saturday campaigning as part of the nationwide #GoSuperSaturday efforts for the June 23rd referendum. Over 3,500 activists are routinely staffing more than 500 street stalls nationwide and handing out leaflets in an effort to bring the Brexit message to local communities.

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Grassroots Out, or GO for short, is made up of politicians and supporters from across the political spectrum, with a single aim: to get the United Kingdom out of the European Union.



The Chichester public have been warmly greeting the GO team and the passions run high in the local community to get our country back. There has been a genuine interest to learn the GO side of the debate from the undecided, and a definite feeling of a pro-leave sentiment among the public.

Thanks to Pat Hunt, and all others involved, for making these days a huge success.

GO, rather than setting up another ‘leave’ campaign, does the reverse. It brings together existing ‘leave’ campaigns and gets them to work as one in local areas. It is an organisation that unites people from all political parties, and none, into one effective anti-EU ground campaign, which is working towards winning the referendum, door by door, vote by vote.  The GO campaign will be rolling out across the country over the next few weeks and months.

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