There are two distinct Fishing-related actions under way.

1) We need to retrieve our Territorial Waters – out to twelve nautical miles from the beach – this was given away by the Tory Party in March 1964 in the terms of the London Convention signed by RAB Butler on behalf of Alec Douglas Home the short term PM. This convention was a “sweetener” to what we now recognise as the EU to encourage them to let us join their club. This convention was agreed with Holland, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain. It also demands notice of leaving of 2 years after 20 years of membership, so this urgently needs taking into account when Theresa May triggers Article 50.

2) Both May and Davis in their Oct 2016 Conference speeches mentioned adoption of the Aquis “in order to provide continuity …”. In reality, this means adoption of the entire EU legislation consisting of some 138,000 items of law, including the CFP (Common Fisheries Policy). Unless we get exception from the CFP we will never gain rightful control of our Exclusive Economic Zone – 200 nm. limit to median line, as defined by UNCLOS 3 – United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea adopted in 1982.


Over 60% of fish quota in British waters is in foreign hands.

Please help and sign this petition to help ensure the British fishing waters are returned to the UK post Brexit 

Fishing for Leave was formed to highlight the potential of UK fisheries and ensure a brighter future for our industry.

Founded to campaign for UK withdrawal from the EU to regain control and repatriate the majority of British fisheries resources when no other industry body would speak on this vital decision. Fishing for Leave organised the Thames flotilla to highlight the plight of the fishing industry and took it’s cry for a better future to the heart of government.

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