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Whilst 80% of people think they have an idea about the government’s Brexit plans, they are evenly split on whether they are aiming for a ‘Hard’ or ‘Soft’ Brexit

In a hotly anticipated speech tomorrow, Theresa May is due to set to out her plans for Brexit. Clarity on the government’s position will be welcomed by many – with some commentators stating that the Prime Minister does not appear to have a plan for Brexit.

The most extreme example has been Sir Ivan Rogers, a civil servant who was Britain’s most senior representative at the EU, when he warned of the government’s “muddled thinking” during his shock resignation earlier in the month.

But if the government’s strategy to leave the EU is not clear to Westminster insiders, does the general public think they have a better idea of what is going on? New YouGov research reveals what type of Brexit the public thinks both the government and the Labour party want to bring about, as well as their own preferences.

Most people are clear on what they think the government wants, but they are split on exactly what that is…

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