The official start to the EU Referendum campaign has not yet begun and the Government has already made it clear that it is not going to be shy in bending and even breaking the rules to keep us in the EU.

Later this month the Electoral Commission will announce the official campaign groups both for, and against, Brexit. At this point they will automatically be allowed to spend up to a £7 million budget to publicise their respective viewpoints.

Cameron has effectively bypassed this fair approach already by spending up to £10 million on a pro-EU leaflet campaign targetting all UK households. We, the taxpayers, fund this propaganda.

“It is an outrage that £10 million is being spent on a pro-EU booklet and mailshot and I am glad that the Electoral Commission agree with me that it is wrong. This is our money and it should not be used to promote untruths about the so-called benefits of EU membership. I call on the government to do the right thing and withdraw this document. This must be a free and fair referendum.”

Nigel Farage

This current leaflet is full of lies and inaccurate claims over the EU. It is the same old ‘project fear’ tactic being employed again. In many ways what we are seeing is a repeat of the referendum in 1975. This is simply immoral, unfair and probably legally questionable too. Like then, what we are seeing now, is a battle where ‘mother knows best’ and the people will have to wade through lies in a hope of getting to some truth.

The Daily Express also reported this week about how the EU is targeting British school children with propagandised pro-EU material

The BBC are also under fire for not showing impartiality over the EU Referendum

Just remember when it comes to June 23rd can we really trust a man who has already misled the public over offshore funds set up by his late father? The same man that said we should walk away from the EU if we don’t get a deal, only to then renege on that promise?

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