Last year, UKIP pulled off what historian Dominic Sandbrook described as “the greatest coup in British political history”. So what do we do for an encore?

On the 17th February, under our young and dynamic new Leader, we will start to answer that question, and chart our future.

Sandbrook went on to say: “The liberal project has been tested to destruction… As the Brexit referendum and American presidential election have made overwhelmingly clear, the liberal vision [of abolishing nation states] has one fatal flaw. People do not like it.”

UKIP is changing the world, at the forefront of a popular rebellion against the internationalist liberal elite. Our first major battle is won, but we have much, much more to do.

  • Pushing through the authentic Brexit that the people voted for
  • Putting the British people back in full control of who comes to work, live and settle here
  • Meeting the new challenges of terrorism and national security
  • Taking back power from the professional political elites
  • Dismantling the Labour fiefdoms
  • Building a brighter, better future for Britain out in the world

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